Company Background

Rupayan Group is one of the leading group of company in Bangladesh Established in 1989.Making Innovative strategy and giving dedication to the work by the skilled employees, that is the main concept how Rupayan group keeping our business in a sustainable position. Rupayan Group always believes that always go after the opportunities that you see first. For that Rupayan group using Diversification process in our business. Our diversification span shifts from Rupayan Real estate, Rupayan Garments, shipping and much more. Our maiden company Rupayan art view is the pioneer company specially made for the outdoor advertising and Rupayan Real Estate Company which is flagship of our company in still maintaining as the market leader in Bangladesh in the sector of Real estate development and construction.
Rupayan is the most trusted brand in the real estate sector of Bangladesh. Rupayan group serving the nation and fulfilling lots of people’s dream and hopes by building high quality residential and commercial establishments.
Rupayan Group has always made a sustainable platform because we have cutting edge Technology, well trained and skilled work force, Financial support and great Research and development team in order to fulfill market demands and create customer satisfaction.
Rupayan Group’s glorious journey of 21 years and through this journey we fulfilled dreams of a lot people by constructing apartments and commercial projects in Bangladesh. We have successfully handed 144 projects, 4770 units and 7782747 square feet. This show dedication and sincerity to the real estate industry and look forward to create more so that Rupayan group create history in Bangladesh real state sector.

Why Rupayan

Pioneer in premium
mega gated community in
Dedicated to win the
customer’s heart
Work harder than everyone else & strive to be the best in innovation & ideas in living & life style
Respect, develop
and empower our people
High morals, honesty
and integrity
Always ensure quality materials
and best construction work
World class architectural design
and consultant in every project


Our Life Journey



2015 to 2020

2015 to 2020 - In 2015, Rupayan group took branding as a marketing straight the next level. We renovated the offices to give it a highly classy look, create a billboard advertisement for promotion. To improve our company culture, values, we integrated something that every single employee in the company would have to live by, to share common goals. After 2014, the market had been recovering, and the current trend in 2020 shows a promising future for rupayan real estate, confirming our position as the best real estate company.

2011 to 2015

2011 to 2015 – this is the new beginning for the rupayan real estate company where sales are rising. This was the new era for the brand building of rupayan real estate limited. We started premium megacity projects where before we only deal with the classic apartments. In 2014 we launched our megacity projects that became a blast in the real estate industry, dragging down every primary real estate developer, and obliterating the smaller ones. However, Rupayan real estate company’s financial position still remained strong, as we had maintained the goodwill and reputation of our brand

2006 to 2010

2006 to 2010 –- Sales were beginning to increase at a steep rate because we kept up with the growing competition by maintaining our goodwill and reputation amongst our customers at this time competition was very high. Rupayan real estate company started to face losses. As the competition increases, developers began taking land from the landowners ahead of us so that our company cannot fulfil customers’ requirements. But we are 100% confident that we can keep our promises. Our company follows the strategy that quality matters at a reasonable price. By doing this, where many developers are failing to keep their pledges rupayan real estate company with fewer customers still able able to make customers demand fulfilled. We also significantly increased the number of our projects starting in 20011, and this is also when we first expanded to Chittagong.

2001 to 2005

2001 to 2005 – many of the competitors started their new approach as a joint venture company so that they can be the leading real estate company of Bangladesh. By doing this risk are getting fewer profits are getting high .so cost of capital somehow decreasing. Now, landowner and developer doing 50-50 partnership but it was not always the same. On past days land owner oner only gets 20% of the company. Now land pricing is getting high previously average price was 15 lacs but in Gulshan, it supposes to be 30-35 lac. Real estate market There was also a low number of property development companies and an abundance of land available for construction, so margins were high.

1995 to 2000

1995 to 2000 – There are already three real estate company in the market who were already in their established position so a new company with the same idea trying to be a competitor for them could be a new challenge for us. Not only that at that time, but there are also lots of trouble waiting for us. Finance was unstable; the cost of capital was high; companies were making a joint venture and started to the constructed new building. But still, with so much uncertainty waiting for us, we again took the risk and started our company Rupayan real estate company in 1999.

1989 to 1994

Life Journey of Rupayan real estate company
A Full History of Rupayan Group and the journey company makes by facing a lot of political and environmental issues but still holding the market position Since 1989.

1989 to 1994 - In 1989, Rupayan real estate company started its journey in the real estate sector of Bangladesh with a small office with limited employees in Dhaka Mirpur 10.

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